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hello, internet attention whores. [IAWs]

you know who i am talking about.. you see them all the time i am sure. Livejournal is full of them. IAWs are easily found based on several factors.

one, they usually have a webcam that is nothing more than them sitting in front of the computer trying to look as cute as possible and showing off their 'cool' stuff so you will envy them or compliment them on it. it is simply not enough that they have this stuff, they feel the need to share as much as their stuff as possible with you so you will think they are so uber-cool or better yet...

two, they try to get people to send them MORE stuff. Oh sure maybe they are not so upfront about it, but with just a little bit of work i am sure that you can find some wishlist for amazon or some other random online store. the more obscure store, the more glamourous these people usually are. (at least in theory)

three, they usually post interest in things they know little about, just so you will think they are that much cooler. Good examples of this would be listing Linux on their livejournal interest page even though they don't use it, don't have it and don't know what the hell to do with it.. they just want to have people think they are that much cooler. other good topics are obscure philosophers that they idolized evne though they probably cannot explain them with any measurable intelligence (not that anyone else would know they haven't got a clue), and strange and extremely complicated metaphysical conceptions that maybe only 5 people on the planet have heard of. The more 'unique' you can be the better.

four, they consistently talk about all these 'friends' of theirs that they have never met, but they like to say that they are friends just because of how much cooler they think associating with this person will make them seem. They might have met and talked to someone mildly famous in whatever subculture circle and then they never shut about the damn person after that. simple friends are not good enough, they love to name drop.

five, they sometimes have their own mailing lists just because they don't care to talk or interact with a few close friends, instead they need to post to the masses. another example would be having so many people on their journal that they cannot name details for even a 25% of them.. they have no clue, they just want the names there so that many more people can make them feel so special, read about their innane and boring life and send them more stuff.

get a life, get off the computer and go outside. buy yourself stuff for a change. make some real friends. stop uploading a photo of yourself to fifty cam-girl/guy portals every 30 seconds. stop acting like everyone should envy you. stop acting like you are into stuff just so people will think you are cool. stop pretending that you can do things that you cannot.get a real life already.

no one cares.. really.

go outside. read a damn book. talk to people on the street. learn to listen. stop asking for acceptance. start living for once. just go live. we must learn to break free of these bounds of virtual acceptance and live free again.

or we could just sit around and talk about it.. i mean we all have a little bit of it inside of us right?

</b>but hey screw the twelve steps....less about YOU, more about ME, dammit.</b>

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