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i suppose i cannot start this community like David Copperfield does and say, in the beginning i was born.. or i could.. who really knows..

in any case, this is my new baby... *ahem* [flips on the spotlight and gets on the stage]

more about me, dammit.

when it really comes down to it, we are all attention whores, that is why we have online journals carrying on day after day, adding people to our little friends list, reading and writing comments and unveiling the very fragments and 'important' events of our lives to the world to gawk, laugh, point at, argue, rant, complain, love, and fondle us over... okay maybe not fondle, but you get the idea.

want to talk about you, this is the place..

want to beg for friends, this is the place..

want to fawn and rave over other people's journal, this is the place...

did i mention that you can talk about you? hmm, that should have been talk about me.

talk about me dammit.. and hurry up already, i have things to see and people to impress.
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