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Internet Attention Whore Anonymous' Journal

Sunday, September 15, 2002

8:13PM - begging for attention

Days like this, I feel awful and lonely. I try not to whine, I try not to bug the others in my life, because I know I look down on people who just beg beg beg for me to post "aww ::hugs::"...because there's only so often you can do that, you know?

Today?...I still need a ::hug:: or two. Is anybody out there? ;_; I promise I'll hug you back, okay.

Current mood: lonely

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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

11:25AM - I need attention!

Lol! I need some attention! My name is Jessica, I am 21 years old. I live in the small little state named Rhode Island. I LOVE to meet new people so feel free to say hello!!!

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Saturday, June 29, 2002


so im here, talking about *me* again. :D

i stayed up all night an freakin tired like rock death..an i gotta work @ 4.

sucks. sucks sucks sucks.

But i'll be able to handle it..know why? kuz "im better than you are...."

lol jk ;) buhbye for now.

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Friday, June 28, 2002

8:56PM - darn it all you guys!!!

iiiii wanna be an attention whore TOOOOOO!!!!

mememememe meeeee :)

spotlight please.

im a new member. (=0 ill try and talk about myself..a LOT. ^_~

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Thursday, June 27, 2002

10:46AM - Feeling Deprived of Attention

One: I need attention
Two: People should post more in this community, dammit.

Well, anyway, I just recently tried to figure out how to post pictures on LJ and believe it or not, the process only took me a few hours to master...after a lot of trial and error. So, since I'm on a role...here's a pic. It's Sonny and Cher's Star.
the beat goes onCollapse )

Current mood: bored out of my freakin mind

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

10:31PM - mindless information gathering...

Poll #36950 census gathering...

What is your real name?

How old are you? (honestly)

Your eye color?


Your hair color?

Red (natural)
Pink (bottle)
Purple (bottle)
Green (bottle)
Blue (bottle)
White (bottle)
Red (bottle)
Black (bottle)

Define yourself with a noun, one word: (ie. seeker, lover, goof, philosopher, etc)

Define mentalscrew with a noun, one word.

What is your sexual preferance?


Do you smoke?

Yes, cigarettes.
Yes, but not cigarettes
No, but i am cool with it.
No, and you're going to DIE you selfish bastard.
Yes, but only in bed.

Do you drink?

Yes, all the fucking time
Yes, daily
Yes, socially
Yes, got milk?
Yes, but it depends if i need to escape the world.
Yes, and man, i love you! Your my best friend in the whole world... *hic*
No, i am recovering
No, but i am cool with it
No, and you're going to DIE, you selfish bastard.

If the world was going to end in 30 minutes, what would you do?

Why do you read this smack?

I think you're interesting
I think you need help, i enjoy laughing at you.
I love you, really i do.
You make me think.
I think your just damn sexy and i want to get in your pants, nothing more.
The voices tell me to.
One word: boredom.
I enjoy being nosey and prying into your mind.
It is all about my plans of world conquest.
I have no idea.

Anything else on your mind, that you care to share? Please, feel free.

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just wanted to reitterate that there are no quiz posts allowed in here.. for everyone's sanity's sake... that is all.

and to be honest, right now i could use some attention.. instead i think i will either a) spend the rest of the day hiding in here b) go get a tattoo.. choices choices.

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Monday, May 27, 2002


hiiiee hiieee
I'm a new attention whore
bahhaah my name's sarah
aim name=justsarahx ;D
hit me up mkae bye.

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6:38PM - Hello all!

Hey everyone! My name is Jessica and I am definitely an attention whore! I love to meet new people!(hint hint: add me to your friends list!!)Looking forward to chatting with everyone!! =) Please feel free to comment!!Byeeeee!

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1:51AM - newbie

Haha, this is the PERFECT community. I'm SUCH the attention whore, like everyone else. Great idea to start this, can't wait to get to know you all :) It's like 2am and I NEED to go to bed. I'll write later LOL...

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Saturday, May 25, 2002

1:22AM - Internet attention whores...

...also have many aliases, many LJs, many email addresses, all for the sake of reaching as many people as they can...

and you know you're an LJ whore when you tell the same story three times to three different subgroups of LJ friends, none of them ever guessing that someone else is getting different details...

I'm trying to be profound. muah. ^_~ Nice to meet you all.


Current mood: cheerful

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Friday, May 24, 2002

8:34AM - Ok, i have to share this

Ok, well I'm bored at work, no shock there. Ok, anyhow.... I've got these extremeley entertaining links I strongly believe you should all check out and have a good laugh.


2.Hehe, these poor nerds, the sad thing is i'm a nerd too, but shhh...

I hope you guys enjoy these as much as I did, and if by any chance any of you checked out my personal LJ and saw these links already, sorry,but I have to post them all over. I MUST SHARE THE JOY!!! It's my world baby, and I'd love for you to be a part of it *wink wink*

Current mood: bouncy

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Thursday, May 23, 2002

3:54PM - Hola, i'm a newbie

Ok, this is frigging wonderful. I can now join a communitey with other attention whores. Wow, I'm a bit too excited. This is like a freekin drug. I've got the shoe community and the attention whore community, what next?? Ok, anyhoo i'm a newbie, unfortunatley I don't have my digi cam yet, but i'm working on it. First things first I'm paying for school, can someone please tell me why books cost more then your entire education put together??? Bastards, it's a conspiracy, im convinced.

So yeah, i'm new, nice to meet you, hope i don't harass you people too much with my incessant ramblings. Buh-bye for now.

Current mood: accomplished

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4:41PM - Attention whore? Who, me?

I just run an online radio station and run two shows a week, then babble about in on LiveJournal. I'm so pathetic.

At any rate, be prepared for caffeine fueled lunacy abounding. Nice to be here.

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4:25PM - my introduction...

Hi everyone, I'm Jessica. I am an attention whore but really I just need to become more out-going on live journal (even though I have a perfectly...nevermind, it's not a normal life) because nobody has defined me as a friend. I've had a live journal for over a year and no "friend of"

So anyway, this is my attempt to be more outgoing. And for gods sake, maybe someone will actually start reading my journal. ;)

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For I have arrived. That is all!

Current mood: pleased

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2:22PM - love me.

um, i dont think i actually belong here. i mean...i do have a life and all. its not like i sit around all day and wait for those addictive as hell comments to come rolling in. i dont need no stinkin attention from you people!


ok ok.

hi...my name is kim and im an attention whore.

Current mood: embarrassed

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12:38PM - welcome

i suppose i cannot start this community like David Copperfield does and say, in the beginning i was born.. or i could.. who really knows..

in any case, this is my new baby... *ahem* [flips on the spotlight and gets on the stage]

more about me, dammit.

when it really comes down to it, we are all attention whores, that is why we have online journals carrying on day after day, adding people to our little friends list, reading and writing comments and unveiling the very fragments and 'important' events of our lives to the world to gawk, laugh, point at, argue, rant, complain, love, and fondle us over... okay maybe not fondle, but you get the idea.

want to talk about you, this is the place..

want to beg for friends, this is the place..

want to fawn and rave over other people's journal, this is the place...

did i mention that you can talk about you? hmm, that should have been talk about me.

talk about me dammit.. and hurry up already, i have things to see and people to impress.

Current mood: bitchy

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